Safety & Security –


We provide 24 hour care and supervision so you can rest assured that your loved one is never left alone.


For our residents safety –


– Embrace meets all codes set by the State of Michigan for an Adult Group Home!

– All caregivers have been screened thoroughly with background checks & drug screening.

– Embrace has installed alarms on its doors to ensure no residents can simply walk out of the house.

– Embrace employees and residents participate in quarterly fire drills to ensure everyone can exit the property if an actual emergency occurs.

– Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors have been installed throughout the house and are tested on a regular basis.

– Every visitor must sign in/sign out when visiting any resident or caregiver.

– Family members must be on visiting list in order to sign out residents. 


Respite Care –


We understand how difficult it can be on a caregiver who is responsible for their loved ones care day after day.  For that reason, we are there to help family members avoid “Caregiver burnout”.  For that reason in addition to long term care, we are also equipped to provide short term respite care.


For more information please fill out the patient application form (link on our main page) 


Life Enrichment –


Residents can enjoy participating in Music therapy, Pet therapy, and Reminisce time. These activities are beneficial to the residents, especially those showing early signs of  Alzheimer’s/Dementia.


Scheduled outings include trips to the senior center, public library, local malls, zoo and area parks.  Residents are also encouraged to develop hobbies such as gardening, painting and other crafts.


Residents are encouraged to participate in daily activities that are meant to stimulate the minds of our residents and keep them physically active.  During the initial assessment, we  ask what interests our potential residents.  This allows us to create activities that will appeal to our residents and make the living experience at Embrace more fulfilling.


Medical Services & Therapy –


Embrace wants our residents to continue working with their medical team to ensure they are staying healthy.  However sometimes going out of the house to see your medical professional can be challenging.  For that purpose, we have visiting physicians, a Podiatrist and on-call Registered Nurse available to our residents.  These services are covered under their healthcare coverage (Usually Medicare) and would be billed by the medical professional directly.  


Residents may also qualify for in-home services (Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Social Worker)


Individual Care –


Anytime you visit a Nursing Home or Assisted living, you see the staff overwhelmed by the number of residents they are responsible for.  However in a Group Home setting that usually is not the case.  Since we are a small facility, we offer a high caregiver to resident ratio.  We currently offer 1 caregiver for every 6 residents, with one floating caregiver who comes during a particular shift (as needed).  Our staff is conscious of providing quality care to each resident.  If at any point of time we feel the level of care required for any resident is affecting the care to other residents, management will take proper steps to ensure care standards are not compromised.  


When the concept of group homes was brought up, I was not comfortable at all

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