How many locations do you have?

Embrace Group Home has 2 locations serving the Southeast Michigan area.  One house is in Canton Michigan, and we have a second location in Novi Michigan.

Are you licensed by the State of Michigan?

Yes, We are a State of Michigan licensed facility.  State of Michigan inspected our property and signed off on our training and policies and procedures.  We are in constant compliance with the State of Michigan Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing.  

Who pays for the cost of care provided?

Embrace Group home accepts the following payment methods for care/housing rendered to our residents -

- Private Funds

- Medicaid Waiver Contracts 

- VA Benefits

- Long Term Care Insurances

What are some signs to look for when determining if group home is the right choice?

Listed below are some of the signs that may indicate that a move to an Adult Group Home would be appropriate. 

- Difficulty preparing meals or maintaining adequate nutrition. 
- Forgetting to take vital medication or taking the wrong amounts. 
- Bruise, abrasions or other injuries due to falling. 
- Unable to do daily personal needs such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, shopping, cooking, laundry, or transportation. 
- Ongoing illness or a need for rehabilitation. 
- Withdrawal from family, friends and activities which used to bring pleasure. 
- Difficulty coping with feelings of depression, anxiety or fear. 
- Mental confusion. (i.e., wandering away, getting lost, difficulty remembering people, places or other things that were once familiar, Alzheimer's or other dementia.) 
- Family and friends are no longer able to provide adequate care and support.

If you or your loved one are showing signs similar to the ones above, please contact us immediately for an assessment.  You want to be proactive with the care of your loved one, rather then reactive!

Who is eligible for Group Home placement?

Every group home varies on a speciality.  Embrace group home has staff that is trained in dealing with the aged population and those with early/initial stages of Alzheimer's & Demential.  Group homes are an excellent place for vulnerable seniors to be active in the community, socialize with their peers and receive needed health and personal care services. 

What is the capacity of the house?

Embrace Group home can house up to 6 residents.  We offer 3 bedrooms (2 residents per room).  The rooms can also be utilized as private rooms, however that would have to be arranged with Embrace management prior to placement of a resident. (Additional cost may apply)

Do you have caregivers available 24 hours a day?

There is always at least 1 caregiver available at Embrace to take care of the needs of the residents.  Additionally the management is on site to handle any issues that may arise.  If need be, a floating caregiver is called in, to help the caregivers during peak times (such as bathing & meal times).

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