Group Home Vs. Nursing Home/Assisted Living

Adult foster care (AFC) offers a community-based living arrangement to adults who are unable to live independently because of physical or mental impairments or disabilities and are in need of supervision or personal care. Homes providing adult foster care offer 24-hour supervision, protection, and personal care in addition to room and board. They may provide additional services. Adult foster care serves a designated, small number of individuals (generally from one to six) in a homelike and family-like environment.


Relative to institutional care, AFC homes are also a cost-effective way to age in the community.  An older adult with sufficient financial resources typically pays out-of-pocket for AFC services, room, and board. AFC caregivers also typically provide lower level and thus less expensive services than those available in a nursing facility or other settings.   In addition to their cost-effectiveness, foster care homes have the advantage of being more integrated into their surrounding residential communities than larger institutional facilities. In combination with more formal regulation, the eyes and ears of neighbors can add an informal layer of community oversight that can help ensure the provision of quality care.


We anticipate continued growth and need in the market for these types of homes with the ever growing elderly population and governmental restrictions and reimbursement decline that may impact other provider types (e.g. SNF, ALF).


When the concept of group homes was brought up, I was not comfortable at all

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